Why you Have to Keyword Group Correctly

Keyword grouping is something that’s been around since the early days of amazoN SEO, and all of the pros do remember the days when they’d put a whole smorgasbord of relevant keywords into a clustered sort of look. These groups would give the website a categorized look to them, and it can help SEO specialists optimize the site for the best performance possible. You should know how to do this, and here, we will go over how to keyword group correctly.

First, the term keyword grouping or clustering. Essentially, it’s a list of relatable keywords that are when compiled put through different pages in a way to drive the organic and paid traffic together.

For example, if you had two different keywords, would they fit, such as ordering something, and the delivery options? The best way to do this is to look at competitors and then figure out whether or not the pages rank when it comes to keywords that are either the same or similar.

Now, this can take hours, if not days, to manually complete this.  And there is often a chance that this isn’t done correctly. So why do this?

Well, here are a few reasons to use this:

  • By grouping these keywords, it makes the sites look more relevant on the search engine
  • Can save money if you have PPC campaigns that get paid traffic as compact ad groups can actually help with CTR and the quality of the score
  • It can help enhance the copywriting efforts and the quality of the content that’s going out onto the sites
  • Can attract more visitors
  • Can avoid keyword cannibalization in many cases, improve site structure, and set the keywords better
  • By automating this, it will save you so much time in the long run.

So how do you do this? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind

First, you got to do your research. Keyword grouping starts with collecting a large amount of related keywords within a niche, both long and short-tail keywords.  Using analytics to help you get what you need will tell you of the variations to work on, and the best ways to optimize the content with the chance of getting to the top.

You should also create high-level keyword groups. It can be created around the main services and products.  You can put together keywords based on the high-level groups that you’re trying to go for based on the content. From this point, you can then divide these major keywords into shorter other keywords with relevant categories.

Once that’s done, you work through the long list of keywords to make them narrower and more closely related to one another. Now, as you read this, you might think its scary, but if you’re using a keyword grouper, it’s nowhere near as bad.

So what is a keyword grouper? Well, it’s a tool that’s used to create related and similar keywords and then groups them together. Essentially, all you’ve got to do is to get a list of these keywords, and from there, copy-paste this into the grouping tool, and then from there, all of the magic will happen.


This, in turn, will help you determine where they should go, and the grouping of each term.


Finally, we’ve got soft clustering, where it picks the query from the larger search volume, and then it’s compared against the picked one. It basically compares the top 10 results for each keyword. If the number of URLs that match is equal to the keyword set, they’re clustered into a singular group. This is used to help with more competitive niches.

Basically, you need to cluster up these keywords and make sure that they fit the queries because it will help you build a more authoritative and better result from your site. If you are confused about which ones to use, the keyword cluster tool can help, and from there, you can improve the queries that you get, and prevent the irrelevant ones from becoming an issue in the future as well, which is better for your business and the traffic you’ll definitely get too.

The Importance of Product Reviews

In our world, there are so many eCommerce stores. Almost all businesses are essentially an eCommerce store, and with ease of access to the internet, it creates a market that’s booming.

There are parameters though that define the credibility of an eCommerce store and general success. The most important is reputation, and usually, that’s evaluated by product reviews. Not taken into a serious account, product reviews give the store the most valuable resources necessary, and that’s customer feedback. Merchants often underestimate product reviews, since they pay more attention to optimizing the designs, eliminating doubts, and creating more channels to get the product. But, if you don’t have product reviews on your site, enable those now!

Product reviews build a reputation in an online market. While it takes effort to get it, it doesn’t take much to lose it. But, product reviews help keep a good winning streak. Feedback and product reviews changed online marketing, and it’s something that can make or break the state of a consumer with the store, and they, in turn, they build loyalty along with trust, and it also will let future customers know that the product is either good or bad, and how it differs from others. A store that has a good compilation of reviews that show the base that it has, and any incapacities are there, you’ll get more people.

Product reviews also provide a brand, marketing, advertising, and also any questions that might be answered with a product review. You want to create a push and angle, so you can advertise to the market with the proper feedback. If a product has a lot of reviews on there, the user will be interested on a general scale, since consumers will talk more about a product that has good reviews and catches their eye more than something that doesn’t, so it is indirectly advertising and marketing the product, and if you have a good branding, you’ll create a great chain reaction.

Positive reviews will create a favorable image of what you’re selling, and it will persist long after the product has been launched before, and for someone who is serious about marketing, these reviews are perfect for interacting with a consumer and will showcase the details of the product from their eyes and any future developments. With the right follow-up with these reviews too, if there are any loopholes and issues that need to be addressed, you can find out right away.

This will create more sales, and if you do have these, you’ll be able to generate sales since it will give consumers the information necessary to create a decision on whether or not they want a product. People are always more likely to get products that are recommended by others. When reviews are added to the store, usually about half the sellers see an increase in order value.

So yes, you need real product reviews since it will build the online reputation, allow for more advertising and branding, and also create better developments and feedback as a result of it, which are all important roles.

3 Strategies That Will Give You An Edge in the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the years. This remarkable change can be attributed to the wealth of information regarding advertising methods, consumers, and purchase intent. The modern marketing technology and competitive market are other additional factors that have influenced the clothing market. A huge number of the stakeholders in the apparel industry are spell bound by the way their businesses are taking a turn for the worst because of their outdated marketing techniques. To stay on top of your apparel business, there are three strategies suggested by the top marketing companies  that you should try out: capitalize on search engine result pages, embrace new marketing methods, and exploit new digital trends.

Have A Voice That People Can Relate To

Google’s search engine result pages display information guided by a user’s presumed intent. By taking time to understand users, you can create a content strategy that is based on SERP displays for your target keywords. One approach that has proven to be helpful is the use of insights from audience data, purchase data, and seasonality. Creating online content with your user’s intent in mind can work wonders for you. For example, you may choose to tailor your content around important occasions and seasonality e.g. Christmas, prom, and wedding seasons.

When a user keys in the words “wedding guest attire”, Google automatically understands that the user wants something to wear and will list the content that address this query.

Market Your Brand Through Influencers

People are more trusting of other people than they trust brands. This is the reason most consumers respond better to customer product reviews than they do to advertisements on the same products. Develop an influencer campaign to help you create awareness of your brand to new audiences who may enjoy your products. For example, you may tap into your social circles or followers on social media to share your favorite items. This strategy has been seen to evolve beyond the conventional marketing approach that is based on conversions. Instead, this approach is about how well you appeal to, interact with, and engage customers.

Apart from social media, influencers also run their own websites. When influencers develop new content that features or links to your brand, this can help improve the appearance of your brand on SERPs. Influencers have the potential of increasing your followers, visibility, brand awareness, and engagement.

Exploit The Power of Digital Technology

One common trend that the modern entrepreneur has adopted is the use of online platforms to sell their products. However, there are so many other ways you can use new digital technology to grow your apparel business. While Face book advertisements and search advertisements are popular for generating leads, shopping advertisements have proven to be more effective.

Shopping advertisements appear on Google mobile search results. These advertisements are more detailed than the simple text ads on Face book and other platforms. Shopping ads are also known as product listing ads because they feature a photo of the product, a title, price, store name, size, and color. With shopping ads, you have a chance of increasing in-store and website traffic. This approach also allows you to nurture potential clients who may be thinking about buying your product.

Summing It Up

Succeeding in the apparel industry involves more than implementing the popular standards. It requires flexibility, innovation, and open-mindedness. Test content strategies, influencer marKeting tiPs for small busineSS, and shopping ads, and watch your apparel business grow in leaps and bounds.


Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many, great digital marketing strategies out there. There is only one, though, that puts out results, and it is those strategies that focus on being results-driven. This type of digital marketing is the perfect strategy for being able to measure crucial elements in the strategy accurately.

Tracking the Measurements

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many metrics that have to be taken care of along the way. Most of the data gathered from these tools provide a general understanding of what is happening, but it could be halting business goals in the long run. Some software methods of digital marketing simply come with too many metrics to pay attention to – for example, Google Analytics offers 75 different reports. Considering they all can be modified, it can be rather trying to stick to one goal as a focus as many other potential goals make themselves known. Essentially, we would end up in data overload.


What Needs to Be Done About the Information Overload?

Since there are so many options for data to be gathered, the first step in being results-driven, and therefore goal driven, is to establish a pattern. Find a series of reports that are essential and run them to fulfil one goal.

The right goal has to be found, though. All goals should be measured against the importance of answering one question: “Will this be worth it?” To make certain this journey is worthwhile, there need to be clearly marked out visions of how this process will go.

So Many Goals

Finding a few goals that can be related to one another, then a larger built of related data can be gathered for dissection. Then, the next step is to run these patterns for a few days to see how they pan out. Some reports can be pulled for observing certain goals over the course of several weeks to make broader observations. Only when observations lead to a certain result can the course of this data gathering end. Sure, there is a risk that the data being sought will not be found. Time is not wasted, though, as some other goals that might be related to the original goal in some way will make themselves apparent.

Organizing Goals

There are a few ways to split and divide goals into logical patterns, groups, or categories. The first divisions should be two, large categories of whether or not they serve business objectives or tracking your results. There is not any wrong direction to steer a business, but steering it in a concentrated direction under one of these two headings will make sure it goes in that needed direction smoothly. These goals, therefore, have to assess expectations across a given period clearly. Some of these expectations can be directly related to wanting to follow trends at a given time in a given market.

Directions to Go

There are three directions to look to gain insight into a business. The past is only good until a point. It can track some trends to learn from for the present and future. That is the only option for establishing some trends to continue following. Predictions can be made about the future to place smaller goals along the line to meet greater points of interest. All of these directions will lead to results-driven data.


Of all the digital marketing strategies available, the greatest to use is one that focuses on being results-driven. Living in the past will not move data trends to a specific future, but goals have to be in place for these results to appear correctly to make changes to keep going in a given business expectation. For result-driven marketing stargey, you can get help from any local reputable Indianapolis SEO agency, if you are residing in IN.

How to Fight Back Against Local SEO Spam

Spam has long been a problem for many people. It comes in waves of which specific piece of spam is popular, so it can be assumed that someone somewhere is taking care of sorting out the negative from the positive. However, this process does not happen fast enough to meet the expectations of all spam receivers. These fixes seem few and far in-between. There is a way to call more attention to these spam concerns and find out how to not violate business terms and continue to with SERPs.

What is the Problem?

The greatest problem is that they are rampant and obvious. Legitimate businesses have been known to change their names in some ways to rank better as far as keywords go. Another additional issue to this problem is that Google will be shutting down their Map Maker program at the end of this month. While edits will be allowed to data previously added to this program, any additions will have to be made through Google Maps instead. The easy solution to this problem is to have Google reward brands through a local search, and then it needs to have such happen accordingly in local search algorithms.

How Large is This Problem?

These tactics have become such an issue, which some people are suing Google and other search engines. On January 13, 2017, fourteen locksmiths sued several search engines of making face spam listings. There have been some changes as of late to lead to fixing this concern in a positive way on the surface; there are still many other issues that remain in the local search ecosystem.

Faking It in Several Ways

Some listings will appear in Google for specific searches that do not match a real entity. For example, searching for a personal injury attorney in the Denver area yields many results. The second business on the list is the Denver Trial Lawyers. This name sounds rather fishy, but it does link to a website. Sometimes, these websites are not for an actual entity. Other search results lead to phone numbers that are inaccurate or do not work, so they might also be a key to what a spam listing looks like.

Here is why these names are spammy. They combine a keyword search with the location of their search into one title for business. They might be true, but there are chances that it was made for SEO spam purposes.

Deciding to Report

There are a few steps to undergo to see if it is spam before reporting it. Looking through a state government’s website can lead to a listing of businesses in a given area that is registered appropriately. Looking at this information can mean dealing with an outdated document, but some entities are old enough to appear on these listings. If a given business is not in this listing, then there is a chance that it either (a) did not exist at the time the document was made, (b) went out of business after the document was made, or (c) belongs to a spam listing. B and C are the most troublesome because of a business that lands in category B easily can end up in category C if someone snatches up B’s information and uses it for the means of C.


There is only one way to deal with spam issues in local search results. That is for the consumer looking at these ads to report them as spam. It takes some research to determine if it is spam, but it means helping the process of eliminating these search options faster over time if all search engine options are carefully combed over and reported by as many people as possible.


A Guide to Long-Tail Keywords


One of the main goals of every website is to rank well on the major keywords users are searching for. That is why so many sites utilize the skills of experienced SEO companies like Carmel SEO to ensure their site has high search rankings. Now, this may leave many webmasters curious as to how their SEOs manage to get their website to the top of the search results. The answer is quite simple, many SEOs will target certain long-tail keywords to help boost your search rankings. So what does the process of finding, selecting and targeting keywords look like? In this article we’ll give you a brief explanation of long-tail keywords and the selection process.


First, what are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are the phrases people use when searching for anything on the internet. For example, if looking for a blue shirt, a user might search for “navy blue button down shirt”. The job of webmasters and many SEOs is to find what long-tail keywords people are searching for in your field and target them in order to rank well in the search results. It may sound pretty straight forward, but it actually can be quite a time consuming process.

The first thing you can do is create your own long-tail keywords and search for them to see where they pop up in the suggestions. I would also recommend looking on various social media sites to see what people are talking about or sharing.

The next step would be to see which of your keywords are in high demand by using a tool such as the Keyword Explorer. This tool can be highly valuable as it not only will show you the volume for keywords but will also provide you with suggestions based on the keywords you are researching.

Once you have your head terms selected, the best thing you can do is find out who else is targeting your keywords. You can do this by manually checking the SERPs and by using a tool called the Mozbar. If you don’t have the Mozbar installed on your computer, I suggest you get it soon.

I hope the information provided above helps you better understand long-tail keywords and how they are used to help boost your site rankings. If you have any questions I suggest contacting a reputable SEO company such as Carmel SEO so they can help you better understand this topic.

Issues that Real Time Search Algorithm Updates May Cause

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms have been updated several times in recent years and it has caused panic in majority of SEO circles. A very less number of SEOs seemed to have benefits from these updates. The SEO job continues to becoming tougher as Google has moved towards implementing real time algorithm updates. Hence, the consequences of these updates are worth mentioning in this article.


Algorithmic Penalties and Troubleshooting

It’s tougher to get the algorithmic penalties troubleshot as compared to troubleshooting manual penalties. The manual penalty lets the site owner know that he/she has been hit. On the other hand, the site owner may not know if he/she faces imposition of algorithmic penalty.

If you want to know whether your website has been hit, the easier way to do this is to view the time graph of internet traffic. If your website has suffered drop in traffic at the times of algorithmic updates, you have been hit by penalty.


Another way to diagnose if you are hit by algorithmic penalty is to look for drop in organic traffic against the queries even if the website stays at high rank in the map. Nevertheless, many companies overlook this diagnostic check and continue to wonder about the low performance of their websites.

The drawback of this diagnostic check is that the site owners would need to analyze huge amount of data if they are not aware of algorithmic update schedules in the past. Difficulty in checking for algorithmic penalties has been the major issue for many people and it continues to be a headache.


Confusions that Come With Real-Time Algorithm Updates

With the real time algorithmic updates, the search engine’s crawling is done in a randomized manner. Hence, it would take weeks, or even months, for a website to be reviewed after the change in website’s structure and addition of new links.

It means that you might not be able to find a match between the dates when you made changes and the dates when penalty was applied. This situation can lead you to have another confusion regarding the reason behind drop in traffic; i.e. imposition of a penalty or a server issue. Based on this scenario, it will be difficult for you or your SEO team to identify the real issue.

Moreover, the frequent algorithmic changes would understandably affect the rankings of many sites. That would lead the site owners to assume that they have been hit by penalty (which may not be true in a number of cases).


Testing of Black Hat SEO

With an automated process of penalizing websites, developers working at Google will look into more black-hat SEO processes to set stricter standards for the websites. There is a chance that many of the websites, which use organic  but effec tive ways to get ranked faster, would face penalties. That will make it more difficult for the penalized websites to recover from damage quickly.

Could There Be Any Benefits of Real-Time Algorithm Updates

The ultimate benefit of Real time algorithmic updates is definitely for the search engine users. Google, with these efforts, seems to be striving hard to provide better search results.

The Three Types of Chiropractic SEO

When people search for ‘Chiropractor’ in your area, whether or not your page rises to the top of the google search hinges on whether your not you are participating in online SEO. In today’s day and age, it is mandatory that you are exercising online SEO as your main source of marketing. Having a web presence is huge as people are utilizing the world wide web for nearly everything they need. Where they go to dinner, what they make for dinner, what providers they see, and even what movie they see can all be found online within minutes.


There are three primary types of Chiropractic SEO. The first is On-Page SEO. On-page incorporates factors that determine whether or not your site rises to the top on google search lists or if it gets buried among the thousands of other chiropractic web pages out there. It allows search engines like Yahoo, Bing & Google know what is on your website. Your overall website content is a good starting point for this. Making sure your page has well-written content, relevant to chiropractic topics, as well as the inclusion of specific keywords. It is important, however, that there is a balance within use of the keywords, as having too many can appear like spam. Having the proper amount allows Google to recognize the page as relevant. Your Chiropractic SEO company make sure that your on-page SEO is working as efficiently is possible, by including simple URL links, meta-tags, social media buttons, and links to other sites.

Off-Page SEO is the second type of SEO. Your off-page SEO is just as important as your on-page SEO is, whether or not you may recognize that. It is important that you have a blog on chiropractic topics, social media pages that are consistently being updated, and even submissions to various websites and media outlets. We understand this can be extremely time-consuming, and that’s why SEO do all of that work for you.


The third type of SEO is called Local SEO. Local SEO tells search engines where exactly your practice is located. When people search for chiropractors, they will search for: “chiropractors in (city name)”. It is not sufficient to only contain your address on your page, as other things must be executed as well. SEO company take care of setting up a Google business account, listing your location on Google maps, and also submitting your information to local directories. Together, these three forms of SEO are sure to make your chiropractic office rise to the top of Google searches and ultimately generate new patients into your office!

Digital Marketing Predictions to Keep Eye On in 2016

Digital marketing isn’t characterized by hard and fast rules. Hence, one needs to keep volatility of this industry into consideration in order to be successful in it. Although a lot of things in digital marketing change on weekly basis, some things stay for a longer while. Focusing those prospects can pave way to digital marketing success.

The predictions about some of those aspects would be worth mentioning here.

    1. Video advertising is going to be on the rise. Marketing on YouTube is already a common practice. Facebook is also joining the race as it has invested substantially to make video marketing a viable option on its platform. Moreover, Google also seems to be interested in promoting videos in its SERPs. Hence, it’s a prospect which cannot be overlooked.
    2. With the launch of Meerkat, digital marketers are seriously thinking about using live stream on social platforms to give their business extra exposure. Twitter is also working on launching its live stream, known as Periscope, to get into competition with Meerkat. Social live stream got highly positive response from online community. Now it’s just the matter of time when this feature will finally be launched.
    3. Digital marketing domain is now being shifted from desktop to mobile. The major reason is that people now seem more engaged with their mobile internet browser rather than desktop’s one. In fact, the number of mobile internet users has convincingly outdone the number of desktop internet users. And the safe prediction for indefinite future is that mobile users are going to grow by leaving desktop internet users behind with an ever-increasing margin. Although the number of desktop internet users is still substantial but this platform isn’t primary anymore.


  1. Another challenge in not-so-distant future for digital marketers is to cope with the requirement of targeting Virtual Reality as a marketing domain. Virtual reality is the complete digital experience that mobile and computer users can have. This aspect is going to require the digital marketers to be multidirectional in their presentation approach. VR is more likely to encourage the rise of 3D in a more specific way.
  2. Although digital marketing is all about spreading the message in a wider domain, marketing in broadcasting manner seems to be somehow ineffective when it comes to advanced marketing. The marketers now seem to emphasize relationship marketing, even for the digital world. This marketing strategy mainly involves the techniques which can further customer’s trust and loyalty with the help of consistent interaction in a friendly manner. Although this strategy is going to require a company spending more time and money in the marketing, ignoring it would implicate serious losses on business due to lack of marketing.
  3. Along with the relationship marketing, one cannot ignore the importance of automation in marketing. Automation in marketing is the general and basic concept of marketing which tends to give an overview of your business.

A lot has been changed in digital marketing and yet things are not going to be the same in the future. So, change seems to be a persistent characteristic of Digital Marketing. Focusing on above prospects would surely help you market your business in 2016.

Google Makes Recent Changes in Search Result Pages

Google has recently cleared the ads from right hand side of result pages. Instead, four ads would be showed on the top of search results, given that the queries are more commercially relevant.

Number of Ads shown at the bottom of page isn’t affected by this recent change. However, a result page could now show only 7 ads, which is lower than 11 ads that were shown when result pages had right side reserved for ads.


Google says this change is to make the user experience batter for all searches made from computers, mobiles or tablets. This change is optimized especially for the mobile internet because number of mobile internet users have increased drastically and it’s still on the rise.

Moreover, Google also says that text ads on the right side of result pages weren’t helping because they weren’t getting the attention which Google was hoping for. Since Google has now placed 4 ads at the top of result pages, they say that response was better as compared to the ads on right side.

It would be worth mentioning here that how this change is going to affect the advertisers and campaigners.

  • Some people had some concerns regarding reduced number of slots for ads in result pages. They said that it might affect the small business they would find it hard to make it to the ads section. However, Google turned down these speculations as they said that several researches were made before rolling out of this change. It is ensured that every advertiser will get fair number of clicks because right side ads panels were almost useless.
  • Moreover, CPC campaigns aren’t going to get hurt with this new change. Test results show that these campaigns remained unchanged after the update.


What to do to cope with the change?

It’s a fact that changes affect the search engine optimization campaigns; and the recent update also possesses this attribute. What’s important here is that how you manage your campaigns to keep your marketing progress intact. Here are some tips that you can keep in your consideration.

  • After the right rail section revoked, you should get fewer impressions but better click-through-rate. If something else is happening apart from change in impressions and CTR, perform some monitoring task to find out any possible issue with your account.
  • Know the position of your campaign as compared to the other top ones by keeping the budget and bids in sight. That’ll help you to figure out how you can perform in order to get the best out of your available resources.
  • Make sure that you are sticking with the better quality of ads you write. Quality of this short description is the driving force that can get you better CTR.
  • Adjust your ads in right positions if you are not getting reasonable response. As mentioned above, changes affect in different ways. Most of the times, readjustment does the job to bring things to normal.

Bottom line is; every new thing brings up a challenge which has to be dealt with. However, it doesn’t mean that change has brought a permanent difficulty. So, it’s the time that campaigners should forget about right rail section and work to cope with the new changes which surely have some great benefits.

Why Second-Tier Links are Important in SEO?

It’s always good to get traffic on a website from multiple paths. The need for secondary traffic sources is felt when you get suspicious about search engine’s behavior regarding your site; i.e. your site might get demoted in SERPs. Or your site is not doing well in SERPs at all. In this scenario, you may have to depend upon the traffic coming at a high authority website in which you would have posted your website’s link.


Links that follow above mentioned pattern are known as Second-Tier Links. It’s the technique to do the link building job for pages that link to you money site. It may include linking the articles, which contain your website’s link, to the social media websites or any other websites that give you permission to leave a link.

With this method, your website may get ranked pretty well in SERPs but it’s not what we talking about here. Second-Tier Link building ensures that existence of website’s link in high authority websites would bring more traffic, which is what matters in the end for most of the people. Moreover, the traffic coming through these Second-Tier Links looks more authentic and organic. Hence, Google values these links more than the others that look like following the any link building schemes.

Some important points that you need to take into consideration while building Second-Tier Links are as under.

  • Don’t forget to give the articles, which would have your website’s link, good social media exposure. Post those articles in the relevant groups or pages where you would expect appreciation for the kind of information you share.
  • Treat the blogs and articles, with your website’s links, just like you treat your main site. Post those links in high authority domains only.
  • Do not ever let the quality of Second-Tier Links go down. Always pick good quality domains to post the links.
  • If you aren’t finding too many good websites for Second-Tier Link building, don’t use it as an excuse for posting in low authority websites. In other words, quantity of links doesn’t matter but quality does.
  • Make sure that you are using good piece of content when you are posting links anywhere. One thing that you should keep in mind is that posting two links in one instance would more likely make your comment notification email to go under the promotion tab of site’s admin email account. You can deduce the rest regarding what most of us do with promotional emails.
  • If the primary link of your website is posted in some low authority domain, do not build links for it. That would make your website untrustworthy.
  • Never ever use any software to build Second-Tier Links. The days of black hat link building techniques are long gone. Unless you would want your website to be banned by Google, avoid automation in link building.

One thing worth mentioning here is that these link building techniques are only to help in enhancing traffic on the website, not for improving the website’s rank.

Major Google Changes to Redefine Your SEO Strategy

Google releases average 600 updates every year. Most of the updates are minor but some updates make bigger differences. As many of the SEOs might have noticed, 2015 was the year of updates as Google made some major changes in its algorithm; and there are more to come in 2016. Hence, this situation demands SEO practitioners to be more than just being ready as search engine algorithms are expected to put some great challenges for internet marketers.


To make your Search Engine Optimization strategy more target-oriented, here is a brief detail of some major changes which Google has made recently.

  • Google has changed its approach drastically in showing results against search queries. Not too long ago, Google used to promote web pages based on keyword density, Meta description and Meta keywords. Now, Google focuses more on providing results based on the queries’ logic. Development of snippets is the best example in this regard.


  • Snippet in Google SERPs is the short piece of information from a page which tends to answers user query better than any other information source. If you have managed to get a snippet in SERPs against some of search queries, you are definitely going to receive more traffic on your web page.


  • Google has stepped in to the realm of artificial intelligence by integrating ‘RankBrain’ into its core algorithm. Development of this AI feature indicates that Google will start to learn about queries and the desired pages against those queries. In the test phase, ‘RankBrain’ delivered results beyond expectations. SEO aspects which are going to get major benefits from this algorithm include user experience, local SEO and content quality.


  • The number of mobile internet users rose up to a great extent in the past few years. Therefore, importance of developing mobile friendly versions of website has become a crucial need rather than just an option. Keeping this fact into consideration, Google has released an update which is known as ‘Mobilegeddon’. Although, this update hasn’t been affecting search results noticeably, it is likely to hit hard after a few tweaks and a little increase in the number of mobile internet users.


  • Google takes web security pretty seriously. It is evident from the fact that HTTPS sites have got good response from Google. The process of acquiring HTTPS status may be hectic but its result is worth this trouble. If you are providing some service or product from your website and you have added the login feature, you will need to make your website secure with HTTPS.
  • Link building can never lose its significance in SEO. However, Google’s approach in promoting a website based on its incoming and outgoing traffic through links has greatly been modified. Now, Google values only those links which drive traffic to and from high authority websites. Moreover, it would be a wrong idea to ignore the existence of broken links on your website. That would lower your website’s authority.
  • Google has been focusing more on promoting local businesses in their respective localities. It’s been obvious by
  1. Local business getting ranked in Google SERPs.
  2. Development of Google My Business which has started servings as the prior option for local business owners to get their business listing registered.

If you are following these procedures already, you will surely be able to get your website promoted. However, you may need to modify your SEO strategy if you are not fully complying with these conditions.

How to make Local SEO Result Oriented

With Google now providing locality based search results, marketing a business in a specific locality may have become many times easier as compared to promoting a website without targeting localities. However, this local SEO still needs to be implemented by using a dynamic approach because the algorithm, we deal with, is the same which always seems to have killer instinct for other types of SEO processes. SEO  needs the SEO practitioners to be ready to adopt changes quickly; therefore, there are some basic rules which you can follow.

  • Knowledge and readiness for unexpected changes are the keys to success in all types of SEO. As a metaphor, SEO can be associated with the game of chess which needs a player to think about next few steps before taking the current step. SEO works the same way. What you implement currently would affect the entire process. Sometimes, Google makes changes which can affect your position in search results while you do not find it to be your fault. Nevertheless, Google makes these changes to improve user experience and you need to comply with these changes to stay up to the mark.
  • There is definitely more traffic on generic keywords but the level of competition associated with the use of those keywords nullifies the traffic advantage for most of the businesses. Instead, you can go with the long-tail keywords. As a matter of fact, local SEO mainly involves use of keywords in which localities are mentioned. The locality factor filters the results for the users looking for your type of business in your locality. It surely increases the chance for your business to be found. Another good way to get your website on a better position is to use the keywords that pose a question.


  • SEO never remains the same. As discussed above, all that Google cares about is the better user experience. Therefore, if better user experience is worth the change in Algorithm that would most probably hurt most of the SEO processes, Google wouldn’t step back from doing this in the very moment the requirement for change arises. If you are SEO practitioner, you will need to make your clients understand the fact that SEO is not something which you do once and then get results on ongoing basis. There will be changes in Google Algorithm and these changes will reverse the SEO processes. It’s inevitable. The only way you can get results from your SEO process is to be ready for the change.

SEO may be more difficult now days but it maintains its repute for being the quicker result yielder. All you need to do is to beat the competition between you and search engine by sticking to the quality of content and ahead-of-time approach.

How to Turn Sluggish SEO Campaign into Hot Lead Generating Strategy

Although, SEO is not a fast process of marketing a business but marketers sometimes get under immense pressure for delivering the results faster. You cannot argue with your clients but you can show them something from which they would know that you have a recipe for their marketing success. It may also make the SEO process much better.

The essence of some successful SEO strategies in the form of a guide is as follows.

  1. You can get multiplied traffic to your website if you have been successful in getting a featured snippet against a number of search queries. For that purpose, try to find out the ranking of some general information websites against the queries which would have a question. Now prepare your own list of keywords that would have queries. Keywords in your list should have highest search volume. Make sure that your website’s content is answering the questions asked in the queries. The easiest ways to get featured snippet for your different search queries are:
  • Give information in bullet points
  • Add relevant video
  • Don’t be shy of sharing additional information

Speech Bubble - Strategy

  1. If you are looking for quick response, it is important to work on the old content optimization rather than flooding your websites with the new content. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add the fresh content but it would be a fetal mistake to ignore the old. Since old content would have more authority as long as it is relevant, you can tweak it to increase the pace of your SEO campaign. Ways you can consider for old content optimization include:
  • Pay good attention to on-page optimization of your website. For that purpose, adjust the on-page ranking factors, bring internal linking into proper shape, and submit your website to be crawled by Google.
  • Create links of high authority and relevant websites in your website’s pages. Google values this linking in a special way.
  • In order to avoid higher bounce rate, make sure that your website is being ranked against relevant keywords.


    1. You can search for converting pages through Google Analytics. That will help you to look into the keywords which help in better page conversion. This practice would help you in an effective keyword optimization for decent conversion of your pages.
    2. If your website has the blocks of content with the relevance among them, combine these blocks to make a separate page of it.


  1. The factor that hurt an SEO process very badly is the existence of broken links. If the hyperlinks in your website’s content are going nowhere, Google will consider your website as a careless information sharing effort. To fix the broken links, you can contact the websites’ owners and ask them to reload link’s connectivity.

Even if you are moving slow with the SEO process, right direction would get you the results pretty quickly. You can set your direction by using above mentioned guide as your standard approach.

Tips to Make Facebook Marketing Successful

Originally designed to build connections between the people socially, Facebook has benefited the businesses in even better way. Now days, the factors on which your business marketing strategy depends substantially involve Facebook marketing on the top of the list.

However, it’s not like you just start a page and get the traffic at inception. Here are some tips that would give you an idea about how to run your Facebook marketing campaign.

    • Let’s start by negating a myth which many people think of as a factor that would increase traffic through Facebook. It’s about the posting frequency. Some people think that increasing the daily post frequency may boost the traffic. While some people associate lesser posting on Facebook with the quality, hence a boost in traffic. These are nothing more than misfired hunches that would give no result. In fact, posting too much or posting too rarely can cause drop in incoming traffic.


    • Another fable that has been proved not just ineffective but adverse is asking questions in the Facebook posts. It really doesn’t make any sense when you ask question while posting the link. The Facebook posters do this in an effort to bind the viewers in an obligation to open the link and come back to the Facebook post to give their feedbacks. If you think with a viewer’s mind, you would really rarely bother to open such links.
    • One of the smart thinking actions is to post your links when there aren’t many people online in your domain. A simple elaboration in this regard is that very few people would listen to you if you speak in a crowd. However, you will be heard well when there would be less noise. Hence, you wouldn’t really want your Facebook post to be flown away in the running social media stream during peak hours. This tactic is particularly helpful if you want to beat the competition by avoiding competition.


    • While posting link as Facebook status, make sure that you are adding a relevant caption that would give a little description in way like title does. That caption should be a little inviting, but it shouldn’t look like a marketing tactic. On social media, you can make good impact only if you are able to understand the behavior of audience in your domain.
    • One of the major tactics to keep the audience engaged in your Facebook page is to post the link updates. According to several tests, posting regular link updates on Facebook page from the money websites resulted in huge incoming traffic. This way, you can keep your Facebook page up to date and your audience busy.


  • Link posts with images influence the incoming traffic highly positively. However, you might need to replace your stock photos with the teaser photos. Stock photos are the ones in Facebook posts that are retrieved from the link’s HTML automatically. Uploading a different teaser photo would make your social media marketing task a bit manual.

Facebook marketing is the great strategy to get business leads, but you need to plan this marketing in order to make it effective.