SEO Basics – What Businessmen Need to Know

SEO has now become the major marketing factor for most of the businesses. This is probably the reason that online marketing personnel usually seem to interact with CEOs because it is the CEO who has to lead the business. This is also the fact that CEOs generally do not understand even the basic concept of SEO and they perceive it to be a goose that lays golden egg every day. Although, the CEOs do not need to know how the Meta keywords or titles contribute in online marketing but there are some aspects of SEO which the business leaders need to know in order to get better understanding of how SEO can be useful for business.


  1. SEO is not a Quick Fix

The universal truth about any kind of marketing is that it takes considerable amount of time. Same is the case with SEO.

It can be exasperating; working tirelessly for the months to get well ranked in SERPs, and at the time, watching the business world blooming consistently on immediate profits.

An understandable reason for the SEO being assumed as something to give huge break in short time is that it deals with the electronic data which can be seen at the other side of the world as soon as it is uploaded. Well, it is wrong. Although your data becomes online immediately, SEO moves at an unnoticeable pace.

  1. SEO is Expensive

The business leaders usually seem more concerned about money rather than time. Being CEO, a person commonly thinks about overall expenditures and revenues. Hence, he sees SEO in the same light. Due to the fact that major task of SEO doesn’t require premium signups, the business owners may think of it as free. Nonetheless, SEO personnel do charge money. Simply put, it is all but a strategy that has to be implemented to make SEO a powerful marketing factor.

  1. Nothing is permanent in SEO

One permanent feature of SEO is that it changes drastically. Hence, if you are a search engine optimizer, you will need to keep yourself updated with variations in techniques. Moreover, the SERPs of most of the keywords do not remain the same for long time, sometimes not even for couple of days. It is due to the consistent changes made search engine algorithms. According to an analysis, Google makes small changes in its algorithms almost every day. Moreover, the annual update, which is usually the big one, turns the tables quite severely.

SEO Basics

  1. Core of SEO – Content Marketing

SEO is not about discovering tricks and techniques to get the website on top. It is about promoting your content. So the thing that really matters here is the quality of content. Being CEO of a company, you will need to make investments in good quality content generation rather than finding shortcuts to get the quick traffic. In fact, the shortcuts can be hazardous because they can make your entire marketing campaign suspicious.

  1. SEO is not a Business Trigger

Although, SEO has the right potential to bring necessary exposure to the business, it cannot be viewed as something from which you can start your business campaign. SEO is a department just like other departments of the company. SEO rather can be a good tool to gather information and feedback about the business and can help in further improvement.



The whole point of discussion here is that SEO is neither a revenue generator nor something that eats money. It is rather a strategy which can either be good or bad to make influence on business marketing. The main purpose of SEO is to bring your business into the spotlight. After that, it is the scope of your product and quality of service that will make real impact in the end.