Upper Hand of Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO – Why is that?

SEO is a well-known term for ecommerce tycoons because it is more like a tool that can help you to take your online business to new heights. The basic goal of SEO is to drive internet traffic towards your money site and as a result, you expect orders from potential customers. It sounds sweet when hearing or reading but SEO may become the test of your patience. For instance, achievement of SEO’s hard goal, i.e. increased internet traffic, still doesn’t ensure that your will have more sales.

This is where most of the people start blaming ROI. After that, you may wonder what the best alternate could be. Luckily, we have got Amazon in online world. Amazon has emerged as an ecommerce search engine and this is the very reason that the term ‘Amazon SEO’ has now been widely famous among successful online businessmen around the world. Below are few reasons of Amazon SEO for being more result oriented in Ecommerce.

  • SEO is tricky. It promotes the quality of content which also includes prohibition to use extra persuasive statements for marketing purposes. Hence, you can expect people to read your high quality content but you cannot expect them to place order from the very next page on your website. Amazon, on the other hand, works otherwise. It encourages you to describe your product from all the perspectives that can convince viewers to place order. Amazon will rank your product on the basis of sales rather than quality of content.
  • With the fact that online shopping is on rise, people trust online retailers more as compared to search engines because online retailers provide fulfillment. This is where Amazon is even more trustable. Their strict rules to avoid any compromise on quality and guaranteed product safety are the factors which make shopping on Amazon a much safer option.
  • Development of Amazon’s mobile version has brought a whole new level in ecommerce. Ordering for desired products has become easy for the people who are on the go.

With specialized ecommerce platform like Amazon, you can boost your business in a better way as compared to SEO. Nonetheless, you can merge Google SEO and Amazon SEO to double your chances of success.