Overview Of Different SEO Approaches

SEO can be classified into different types, depending upon the approach. A little elaboration about each type would be worth discussing in this short note.

    1. The first one to mention is the local SEO. Local SEO is concerned with digital marketing of a business with geographical existence. If you want to promote your business in a specific area, local SEO strategy is the recommended tool you can use to kick start your marketing campaign. Local SEO mainly involves keyword optimization that would give preference to a local area-based marketing; for instance, best plumber services Vacaville. Moreover, creating local profiles, directory listings and participating in different community events are also included in local SEO.
    2. Another type of SEO is barnacle SEO. This type of SEO can be related to the working of marine creatures which get attached to bigger and stable objects floating on the water and get their food particles that float on the water surface. Barnacle SEO works the same way. Any low ranking website can get its link included in certain high ranking websites. The benefit of this approach is that when people visit high ranking website, they will be able to see the link of low ranking website. No wonder they will visit that link too if they would be interested in the services which that website offers. Example of barnacle SEO includes putting the website’s link in ‘yelp.com’.


  1. If you want to globalize your business, national SEO is the marketing strategy that will suit your needs. National SEO is opposite to local SEO as it doesn’t emphasize on promoting a business in a specific area but it rather promises the provision of services globally or in a wide area. One good example of a business that follows national SEO strategy is Amazon. The basic working of national SEO is concerned with feeding the search engines a consistent supply of information. This way, the websites eventually occupies top ranking in search engine and anyone in the world can view that information.
  2. One of the most important types of SEO is technical SEO. This SEO is also known as on page search engine optimization because it involves modification of the website in order to make it search engine friendly. Hence, technical SEO is something which cannot be ignored in any case. The main elements which are focused in technical SEO are tags, description, website structure, avoidance of error links like 404 or 302 etc., mobile friendliness, page load time and several on-page attributes.

These are the very basic SEO types which every SEO practitioner should be aware of. You can get further in-depth knowledge about any type upon the time of implementation.