Expert Roundup Posts – Will They Be Effective In Future SEO?

Roundup post is an article or blog which is created by gathering information by combining different expert opinions. To create a roundup post, writer contacts different experts in a specific discipline through email and asks the same question from all about that discipline. When those experts email back, the writer gathers all opinions and their references and makes a note which is known as roundup post.

From the perspective of quality and authenticity, a roundup post is not only allowed but search engines usually give preference to these kinds of informative notes. However, the question here is that; will the roundup posting end up being an overused SEO methodology in the near future? Here are some pros and cons that will surely elaborate the usefulness of roundup posts.

Expert Roundup Posts

Pros of Roundup Posting

One obvious advantage of roundup posting is that the article is written with collaborative efforts. You get your content written by the experts in a field and the experts get backlinks to their websites. It’s surely a win-win.

Ease in creation is another upside of roundup posting. All you need to do is to write an email with an offer, of expert to be included as a roundup contributor, followed by the question. Upon getting several responses from different experts, all you will need is to put the answers together. No wonder you may get highly valuable content from the experts.

Cons of Roundup Posting

Roundup posting is the trending method of composing an article and there hasn’t been much discussion about the disadvantages of these posts. However, a few careful deductions are worth mentioning.

Roundup posts can sometimes cause confusion for the readers. This is because of the fact that different expert opinions may not match with each other. Since the expert opinions are based on logical proofs and assumptions, any conflict between different opinions can cause reader to find it difficult in getting the final answer to the query.

Another problem with round up posts is that flow is usually not the attribute of those articles. The quality of information in these articles is usually consistent. Moreover, most of the experts usually have same opinion based on same reasons over a certain query. Putting all those opinions in the post will cause the reader to get bored while reading it.

The next issue in roundup posts is concerned with its future when Google will most likely make changes in its Panda. Although the next Panda update might give preference to roundup posts but it will not be on the permanent basis for sure. In the end, there is nothing better than a nicely written informative guide which the Google has always been giving preference to and is, undoubtedly, likely to do so in the future.