Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Year 2015 has been the year of upheavals for SEO practitioners and ecommerce people because the Search Giant, Google, has made some substantial modifications which have changed the ranking criteria for online businesses in SERPs.

For elaboration, it is worth mentioning a brief summary of events and trends in SEO this year.

Google has been talking more than ever

Google, through its algorithmic changes, has been dictating terms more than previous years. According to Rohan Ayyar from E2M, Google’s way of expressing its plans, to make algorithm changes, in this much openly manner in media is a clear indication of paradigm shifting in SEO industry. It has been evident by rolling out of the prototype algorithms which are not reasonably affecting the ranking procedures on immediate basis but these algorithms are definitely suggesting people to make some major changes in their online business portals.


Induction of AI into Search Engine

Google’s ranking procedure will now be benefitted by machine learning because implementation of Search engine’s artificial intelligence, RankBrain, has been in effect. In fact, RankBrain has now become third most essential contributor in creating SERP against a search query. This implementation is being appreciated by webmasters because it will enforce the rule of quality in search engine results creation more efficiently.

MobileGeddon, the potential game changer in SEO

Although the MobileGeddon was termed as non-event before its rolling out, it came up as a potential game changer in the SEO industry. Another reason the people have been underestimating this event is that there wasn’t much hype created before and after its release. May be it is due to the fact that MobileGeddon will show its true effect as soon as there will be a rule of mobile web, which seems to be a matter of very short time.

Search quality guidelines by Google

While Google may have a plenty of upcoming changes which are to be rolled out on their respective times, one can have a brief insight, into what Google is up to in the near future, through Google’s 160-page search quality guidelines (use the link:

These guidelines are a great way for the SEO practitioners to understand what Google standardizes as bad quality content.

Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Application indexing

It’s almost a couple of years now since Google started showing app-only content in search results. Last month saw another change in Google’s approach towards the promotion of applications as it has started showing app-first data which prompts a user to watch app special recommendations in SERPs.

Implementation of Knowledge Graphs in SERPs

While this implementation helps the user to get results on query’s attribute of covering a specific genre or time frame, it is being seen as something with negative effects from the perspective of quality in SERP creation. The reason which has been explained many times in this concern is that people have to go through a lot of struggle in order to get their content in front of the user. While Google, with the help of Knowledge graphs, pulls data out of the websites, reducing the chances of website being clicked and opened.

These events and trends tell us a lot about upcoming transitions which can change the course of SEO and internet marketing.