When is Penguin 4.0 Coming?

Now, recently Google announced that with the holidays coming, the penguins won’t march until next year. Many have wondered if it meant that there wgoogle-penguin-4-wonestyas a chance that penguin 4.0 is coming. It isn’t too far away, and although there hasn’t’ been an official update for over a year, there is a chance that it might be coming soon. There have been hints that it will make the life of a webmaster easier, and most people will enjoy it.

Now with this, the new algorithm could make it easier for most people, which is about half. But what about the other half? There is a chance that it could leave many either unaffected, or not as happy as they should be. There is a chance that people could lose their algorithm and become bankrupt, which is why it’s held off to this point.

Now, before penguin came about, bad links were simply just replaced so that the rankings were fixed. After you had penguin, the bad links started to be audited, and it can even be removed or disavowed as spam links, which isn’t good for many people. Even then, penguin was usually required before any recover, and the real changer was the fact that it took a long period of time as well.

With the new algorithm, many say that it will change the link value as well, making a premium for any semantically related links, and it will have a topical relevance instead of the page rank. Many links that are related will be more valuable than before. Google has started to get rid of many of the spammy links, and there is even a google disavow tool, and trough that many good links are disavowed every single day, but of course many are spam and they are very easily identified.


Now semantic search can also play a role as well, and it will start to want a relationship between everything, instead of a ton of data, meta tags, or anchor texts. The impact of this could be in many ways, such as using RankBrain to many of the disavow files, and in theory it can create a link genome to allow itself to find spammy links and create a negative value for it. However, it can also measure the topical relevance as well, and it also can have a bonus value in a sense that will allow for the devaluation of non-relevant links. If that does happen, it will shake up many of the SERPs.

Finally, there is the death of PBNs, which means that there has been a spike in these. Many have used their own private blogs to increase their rank, and while many use it for client work, it can roll out, and many innocent clients will be affected. Now you should also start to get rid of a lot of many of the links that have common different texts attached to it, and you should get rid of these links before it’s too late.