Three PPC Tactics That are Important in 2016

When trends come up, it’s important to know of them, and for paid searching, it’s no different. This year, we saw new methods being used, and AdWords even releasing a whole new list of features that are important to see. However, there are three areas that must be considered in 2016.

Three PPC Tactics

The first is the ad messaging strategy. This is something that used to be just 95 characters on a PPC and then the client would choose ne and that’s it. However, it’s changed immensely, with new AdWords being released and new ways to make ads be different with new extensions. Soon, it was less about the characters, but instead making a strategy, giving a message with the features used. There are a few to choose from, along with the different snippets of this.’

Three PPC Tactics

There are now new ways to make and highlight different aspects of a business, including the benefits and different features of a company. Nowadays, you can talk about the different types of elements highlighted in important ways, and instead of having to worry about the limited space to get the message across, it’s important to talk about the different features, which is very important today.

Three PPC Tactics

The next difference is video ads, which aren’t new, but in 2015, it is the age of this. There are new video ads being released every day, and having them in the search results make a whole world of difference, and you can put them right on YouTube. You used to focus only on the google search network option, but now it’s become not only that but ads plus remarketing and display ads. On top of that these days, you will also have video ads as well. with google now having True View in the AdWords interface, it will start to catch on, and it’s a strategy that can be used with video campaigns in the future.

The final element is remarketing lists for search ads. You can now take the search network one step further by putting in remarketing lists. Even though this isn’t something new, being around now for about three years, the advertisers that use it are getting the benefits from it. This will allow you to modify, search ads, keywords, and past site visitors for products and services like yours. You can see how the visitor data goes and how they behave, and also looking at the returning customers and how they are converting as well, allowing you to see if you need to increase or decrease the bid.

Along with this however, is the fact that you can now have more venues to pay search for, and it will allow you to get a better return for each scenario. By testing this, you’ll be able to figure out which are the best for you, and you can then choose how to conduct your search tactics.

These are the top three tactics in 2016, and of course, you should take all of these in mind, because it can change your ability to produce PPC ads forever.