Big Suggestions for eCommerce Marketers

Justin Butlion is the content and SMM at Yotpro, and he analyzed data around 18,000 medium ecommerce sites, and he noticed that about 30% of the organic search traffic was coming from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Right now, there is a debate regarding how relevant SEO must be for online businesses, but about 30% is important, especially when you look into any focus area for the small business over.


You do need to take into consideration the conversion rates, and the order values, and then you get an understanding of the value of the SEO for these sites. There are some things that you can do to help with conversion rates, and they’re listed here.

The first is to start being selective with the products that you brand. Though you might think the product that you have which is very unique might sound cool, the problem is that if you look at the search rankings, you’re the only one looking at it. You should have your products stand out not through a catchy name that is obscure, but instead use generic terms to help with product referencing.


Then there is to make good content consistently. For many brands, they say that if you put down interviews and have news coverage of current trends, you’ll get the content people will love. If you’re trying to improve your company, create content that the users will love and they will value. Instead of just relying on product pages, instead make sure you have stories that your customers will want to read, and a reason got come back to your company.


If you’re trying to sell different products on three different pages, you should instead consolidate them. The reason or this is simple because google won’t put your pages against one another, and you don’t have to worry about google taking you down for duplicate market. For many, more isn’t always better, but instead quality over quantity.


You should also start looking for a mobile experience. Many consumers are now increasing the use of their smartphones for answers. More people are using their devices now than ev3r before, and it gives you a much bigger chance to get to the consumers, so it’s best to build a website that is now mobile friendly as well as good for those off mobile.


Finally, start to get the traffic that you want through product reviews and through public relations. There are many bloggers out there that will grab your product and give you a great review. This is one of the best ways to get backlinks to your product, and you will be able to get the reviews that you want. This is a great way to build your repute, because the bigger the blogger the more influence it will have, so your ecommerce site will get better reviews than ever before.

These are some of the major ways to change up your site this year. You’ll be able to direct and get more traffic than ever before, and it works wonders.