What is it meant to be a Core Algorithm’s Part? by Google

When anything is integrated into the core of larger system, it means that the thing is now sustainable and it is very rarely going to require new upgrades and tweaks.


Let’s see it in the Google’s Panda way. Google recently announced that it has made Panda a part of Google’s main algorithm. With this announcement, the SEOs and webmasters seemed pretty much confused and they had been questioning since then; i.e. what it is meant to be the part of main or core algorithm. However, all these doubts and confusions are now cleared away with an explanation by Google. It says that the algorithm is not going to require any major updates in the future. This is the reason that it has been added in the Core Algorithm of Google.

In a long video, which features Google’s Andrey Lipattsev answering the questions, there is a long and informative discussion about Panda’s integration into Core Algorithm and the reason for difficulty in defining any Google’s Update.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, Panda’s integration into Google main algorithm isn’t associated with purpose of changing its behavior. It is rather about the Panda’s ability which makes it reliable enough so that it could be considered for inclusion in Google’s Core Algorithm. It is now more like the PageRank whose criteria isn’t being changed because it isn’t needed. Hence, Panda seems to be working fine as for now, and the only way that it will require any change is that the core algorithm’s context needs a change; which doesn’t seem very likely in foreseeable future.

Gary Illyes has also shared an explanation in this concern. According to Illyes, the cars didn’t have their starters in the early era. It made the driver to walk to the engine and use some mechanical techniques in order to make the engine to start. Now the starters are integrated with all of the engines. Therefore, it isn’t the engine’s working way that has been changed; it’s the integration of necessary tools which made it convenient to operate a car. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Panda’s integration into Google.

Illyes further said that webmasters and SEO professionals  do not need to worry about how this ‘update’ is going to work, because there isn’t any typical update. As a matter of fact, it is highly unlikely for Panda to be updated in the way it has been updated for the last few years.