Five Link-Building Techniques You Cannot Afford to Miss

Many of the SEOs think that link building methods have been overused. If you are also the one complaining about link building being an outdated SEO method, you may get surprised to learn that there are still a lot of link building techniques which have not been applied extensively.

Those techniques are either the neglected ones or they haven’t been in the knowledge of most of the SEOs.


Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that those techniques are capable of making huge difference.

    1. Authentic search engine optimization consultants usually warn against the usage of any tools that might bring an artificial automation in the SEO process. However, there are some tools that work as path tellers. These are the tools you can use for good. One of such tools is the IFTTT, or If This Then That, which automates the process of link target discovery. Apart from helping in social media and email marketing task, this tool also automates the link building process. However, this tool doesn’t literally build the links but it helps in finding out the potential link building targets.


  1. Webmasters are the gurus you would want to get in touch with in order to learn new things about SEO. However, it’s also a fact that webmasters are the ever-hesitating people when comes to helping SEOs. Nevertheless, you can help them in certain aspects to win their trust and, of course, a working relationship. Here’s how you can help them.
  • Notify them about the broken links on their sites and give them suggestions to correct those wrongs.
  • There is nothing better than the compatibility of old content with the recent updates. That content would give your website huge exposure as search engine considers that type of contents trustworthy. If you are able to help a webmaster in making his old content usable again, you are certainly producing an opportunity of getting valuable help for your SEO process.
    1. Who wouldn’t want the backlink from Apple community? You can get this traffic by uploading the sound track in iTunes. By uploading the sound track in iTunes, you get a chance to place your link which every downloader of your sound track would see. Hence, it can be the source of very organic traffic which can contribute substantially for the improvement of your website’s authority.


    1. Finding an online Press Release company and paying them a handsome amount of money every month for publishing a few pages of yours is certainly an outdated and money wasting practice. Instead, you can find journalists from Facebook. You can ask those journalists to write informative notes which you would post with their reference.


  1. There is mighty chance for your content to be quoted anywhere in the web, if you are a blogger. All you need is little research to find these quotes. Contact the site’s owners and ask them to mention your brands name and link that to your website.

These techniques might seem a bit unconventional but these can make the difference beyond expectations.