How to Turn Sluggish SEO Campaign into Hot Lead Generating Strategy

Although, SEO is not a fast process of marketing a business but marketers sometimes get under immense pressure for delivering the results faster. You cannot argue with your clients but you can show them something from which they would know that you have a recipe for their marketing success. It may also make the SEO process much better.

The essence of some successful SEO strategies in the form of a guide is as follows.

  1. You can get multiplied traffic to your website if you have been successful in getting a featured snippet against a number of search queries. For that purpose, try to find out the ranking of some general information websites against the queries which would have a question. Now prepare your own list of keywords that would have queries. Keywords in your list should have highest search volume. Make sure that your website’s content is answering the questions asked in the queries. The easiest ways to get featured snippet for your different search queries are:
  • Give information in bullet points
  • Add relevant video
  • Don’t be shy of sharing additional information

Speech Bubble - Strategy

  1. If you are looking for quick response, it is important to work on the old content optimization rather than flooding your websites with the new content. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add the fresh content but it would be a fetal mistake to ignore the old. Since old content would have more authority as long as it is relevant, you can tweak it to increase the pace of your SEO campaign. Ways you can consider for old content optimization include:
  • Pay good attention to on-page optimization of your website. For that purpose, adjust the on-page ranking factors, bring internal linking into proper shape, and submit your website to be crawled by Google.
  • Create links of high authority and relevant websites in your website’s pages. Google values this linking in a special way.
  • In order to avoid higher bounce rate, make sure that your website is being ranked against relevant keywords.


    1. You can search for converting pages through Google Analytics. That will help you to look into the keywords which help in better page conversion. This practice would help you in an effective keyword optimization for decent conversion of your pages.
    2. If your website has the blocks of content with the relevance among them, combine these blocks to make a separate page of it.


  1. The factor that hurt an SEO process very badly is the existence of broken links. If the hyperlinks in your website’s content are going nowhere, Google will consider your website as a careless information sharing effort. To fix the broken links, you can contact the websites’ owners and ask them to reload link’s connectivity.

Even if you are moving slow with the SEO process, right direction would get you the results pretty quickly. You can set your direction by using above mentioned guide as your standard approach.