Tips to Make Facebook Marketing Successful

Originally designed to build connections between the people socially, Facebook has benefited the businesses in even better way. Now days, the factors on which your business marketing strategy depends substantially involve Facebook marketing on the top of the list.

However, it’s not like you just start a page and get the traffic at inception. Here are some tips that would give you an idea about how to run your Facebook marketing campaign.

    • Let’s start by negating a myth which many people think of as a factor that would increase traffic through Facebook. It’s about the posting frequency. Some people think that increasing the daily post frequency may boost the traffic. While some people associate lesser posting on Facebook with the quality, hence a boost in traffic. These are nothing more than misfired hunches that would give no result. In fact, posting too much or posting too rarely can cause drop in incoming traffic.


    • Another fable that has been proved not just ineffective but adverse is asking questions in the Facebook posts. It really doesn’t make any sense when you ask question while posting the link. The Facebook posters do this in an effort to bind the viewers in an obligation to open the link and come back to the Facebook post to give their feedbacks. If you think with a viewer’s mind, you would really rarely bother to open such links.
    • One of the smart thinking actions is to post your links when there aren’t many people online in your domain. A simple elaboration in this regard is that very few people would listen to you if you speak in a crowd. However, you will be heard well when there would be less noise. Hence, you wouldn’t really want your Facebook post to be flown away in the running social media stream during peak hours. This tactic is particularly helpful if you want to beat the competition by avoiding competition.


    • While posting link as Facebook status, make sure that you are adding a relevant caption that would give a little description in way like title does. That caption should be a little inviting, but it shouldn’t look like a marketing tactic. On social media, you can make good impact only if you are able to understand the behavior of audience in your domain.
    • One of the major tactics to keep the audience engaged in your Facebook page is to post the link updates. According to several tests, posting regular link updates on Facebook page from the money websites resulted in huge incoming traffic. This way, you can keep your Facebook page up to date and your audience busy.


  • Link posts with images influence the incoming traffic highly positively. However, you might need to replace your stock photos with the teaser photos. Stock photos are the ones in Facebook posts that are retrieved from the link’s HTML automatically. Uploading a different teaser photo would make your social media marketing task a bit manual.

Facebook marketing is the great strategy to get business leads, but you need to plan this marketing in order to make it effective.