Why Second-Tier Links are Important in SEO?

It’s always good to get traffic on a website from multiple paths. The need for secondary traffic sources is felt when you get suspicious about search engine’s behavior regarding your site; i.e. your site might get demoted in SERPs. Or your site is not doing well in SERPs at all. In this scenario, you may have to depend upon the traffic coming at a high authority website in which you would have posted your website’s link.


Links that follow above mentioned pattern are known as Second-Tier Links. It’s the technique to do the link building job for pages that link to you money site. It may include linking the articles, which contain your website’s link, to the social media websites or any other websites that give you permission to leave a link.

With this method, your website may get ranked pretty well in SERPs but it’s not what we talking about here. Second-Tier Link building ensures that existence of website’s link in high authority websites would bring more traffic, which is what matters in the end for most of the people. Moreover, the traffic coming through these Second-Tier Links looks more authentic and organic. Hence, Google values these links more than the others that look like following the any link building schemes.

Some important points that you need to take into consideration while building Second-Tier Links are as under.

  • Don’t forget to give the articles, which would have your website’s link, good social media exposure. Post those articles in the relevant groups or pages where you would expect appreciation for the kind of information you share.
  • Treat the blogs and articles, with your website’s links, just like you treat your main site. Post those links in high authority domains only.
  • Do not ever let the quality of Second-Tier Links go down. Always pick good quality domains to post the links.
  • If you aren’t finding too many good websites for Second-Tier Link building, don’t use it as an excuse for posting in low authority websites. In other words, quantity of links doesn’t matter but quality does.
  • Make sure that you are using good piece of content when you are posting links anywhere. One thing that you should keep in mind is that posting two links in one instance would more likely make your comment notification email to go under the promotion tab of site’s admin email account. You can deduce the rest regarding what most of us do with promotional emails.
  • If the primary link of your website is posted in some low authority domain, do not build links for it. That would make your website untrustworthy.
  • Never ever use any software to build Second-Tier Links. The days of black hat link building techniques are long gone. Unless you would want your website to be banned by Google, avoid automation in link building.

One thing worth mentioning here is that these link building techniques are only to help in enhancing traffic on the website, not for improving the website’s rank.