Google Makes Recent Changes in Search Result Pages

Google has recently cleared the ads from right hand side of result pages. Instead, four ads would be showed on the top of search results, given that the queries are more commercially relevant.

Number of Ads shown at the bottom of page isn’t affected by this recent change. However, a result page could now show only 7 ads, which is lower than 11 ads that were shown when result pages had right side reserved for ads.


Google says this change is to make the user experience batter for all searches made from computers, mobiles or tablets. This change is optimized especially for the mobile internet because number of mobile internet users have increased drastically and it’s still on the rise.

Moreover, Google also says that text ads on the right side of result pages weren’t helping because they weren’t getting the attention which Google was hoping for. Since Google has now placed 4 ads at the top of result pages, they say that response was better as compared to the ads on right side.

It would be worth mentioning here that how this change is going to affect the advertisers and campaigners.

  • Some people had some concerns regarding reduced number of slots for ads in result pages. They said that it might affect the small business they would find it hard to make it to the ads section. However, Google turned down these speculations as they said that several researches were made before rolling out of this change. It is ensured that every advertiser will get fair number of clicks because right side ads panels were almost useless.
  • Moreover, CPC campaigns aren’t going to get hurt with this new change. Test results show that these campaigns remained unchanged after the update.


What to do to cope with the change?

It’s a fact that changes affect the search engine optimization campaigns; and the recent update also possesses this attribute. What’s important here is that how you manage your campaigns to keep your marketing progress intact. Here are some tips that you can keep in your consideration.

  • After the right rail section revoked, you should get fewer impressions but better click-through-rate. If something else is happening apart from change in impressions and CTR, perform some monitoring task to find out any possible issue with your account.
  • Know the position of your campaign as compared to the other top ones by keeping the budget and bids in sight. That’ll help you to figure out how you can perform in order to get the best out of your available resources.
  • Make sure that you are sticking with the better quality of ads you write. Quality of this short description is the driving force that can get you better CTR.
  • Adjust your ads in right positions if you are not getting reasonable response. As mentioned above, changes affect in different ways. Most of the times, readjustment does the job to bring things to normal.

Bottom line is; every new thing brings up a challenge which has to be dealt with. However, it doesn’t mean that change has brought a permanent difficulty. So, it’s the time that campaigners should forget about right rail section and work to cope with the new changes which surely have some great benefits.