The Three Types of Chiropractic SEO

When people search for ‘Chiropractor’ in your area, whether or not your page rises to the top of the google search hinges on whether your not you are participating in online SEO. In today’s day and age, it is mandatory that you are exercising online SEO as your main source of marketing. Having a web presence is huge as people are utilizing the world wide web for nearly everything they need. Where they go to dinner, what they make for dinner, what providers they see, and even what movie they see can all be found online within minutes.


There are three primary types of Chiropractic SEO. The first is On-Page SEO. On-page incorporates factors that determine whether or not your site rises to the top on google search lists or if it gets buried among the thousands of other chiropractic web pages out there. It allows search engines like Yahoo, Bing & Google know what is on your website. Your overall website content is a good starting point for this. Making sure your page has well-written content, relevant to chiropractic topics, as well as the inclusion of specific keywords. It is important, however, that there is a balance within use of the keywords, as having too many can appear like spam. Having the proper amount allows Google to recognize the page as relevant. Your Chiropractic SEO company make sure that your on-page SEO is working as efficiently is possible, by including simple URL links, meta-tags, social media buttons, and links to other sites.

Off-Page SEO is the second type of SEO. Your off-page SEO is just as important as your on-page SEO is, whether or not you may recognize that. It is important that you have a blog on chiropractic topics, social media pages that are consistently being updated, and even submissions to various websites and media outlets. We understand this can be extremely time-consuming, and that’s why SEO do all of that work for you.


The third type of SEO is called Local SEO. Local SEO tells search engines where exactly your practice is located. When people search for chiropractors, they will search for: “chiropractors in (city name)”. It is not sufficient to only contain your address on your page, as other things must be executed as well. SEO company take care of setting up a Google business account, listing your location on Google maps, and also submitting your information to local directories. Together, these three forms of SEO are sure to make your chiropractic office rise to the top of Google searches and ultimately generate new patients into your office!