3 Strategies That Will Give You An Edge in the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the years. This remarkable change can be attributed to the wealth of information regarding advertising methods, consumers, and purchase intent. The modern marketing technology and competitive market are other additional factors that have influenced the clothing market. A huge number of the stakeholders in the apparel industry are spell bound by the way their businesses are taking a turn for the worst because of their outdated marketing techniques. To stay on top of your apparel business, there are three strategies suggested by the top marketing companies  that you should try out: capitalize on search engine result pages, embrace new marketing methods, and exploit new digital trends.

Have A Voice That People Can Relate To

Google’s search engine result pages display information guided by a user’s presumed intent. By taking time to understand users, you can create a content strategy that is based on SERP displays for your target keywords. One approach that has proven to be helpful is the use of insights from audience data, purchase data, and seasonality. Creating online content with your user’s intent in mind can work wonders for you. For example, you may choose to tailor your content around important occasions and seasonality e.g. Christmas, prom, and wedding seasons.

When a user keys in the words “wedding guest attire”, Google automatically understands that the user wants something to wear and will list the content that address this query.

Market Your Brand Through Influencers

People are more trusting of other people than they trust brands. This is the reason most consumers respond better to customer product reviews than they do to advertisements on the same products. Develop an influencer campaign to help you create awareness of your brand to new audiences who may enjoy your products. For example, you may tap into your social circles or followers on social media to share your favorite items. This strategy has been seen to evolve beyond the conventional marketing approach that is based on conversions. Instead, this approach is about how well you appeal to, interact with, and engage customers.

Apart from social media, influencers also run their own websites. When influencers develop new content that features or links to your brand, this can help improve the appearance of your brand on SERPs. Influencers have the potential of increasing your followers, visibility, brand awareness, and engagement.

Exploit The Power of Digital Technology

One common trend that the modern entrepreneur has adopted is the use of online platforms to sell their products. However, there are so many other ways you can use new digital technology to grow your apparel business. While Face book advertisements and search advertisements are popular for generating leads, shopping advertisements have proven to be more effective.

Shopping advertisements appear on Google mobile search results. These advertisements are more detailed than the simple text ads on Face book and other platforms. Shopping ads are also known as product listing ads because they feature a photo of the product, a title, price, store name, size, and color. With shopping ads, you have a chance of increasing in-store and website traffic. This approach also allows you to nurture potential clients who may be thinking about buying your product.

Summing It Up

Succeeding in the apparel industry involves more than implementing the popular standards. It requires flexibility, innovation, and open-mindedness. Test content strategies, influencer marKeting tiPs for small busineSS, and shopping ads, and watch your apparel business grow in leaps and bounds.