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Apr 11

Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many, great digital marketing strategies out there. There is only one, though, that puts out results, and it is those strategies that focus on being results-driven. This type of digital marketing is the perfect strategy for being able to measure crucial elements in the strategy accurately. Tracking the Measurements When it comes to …

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Jul 03

A Guide to Long-Tail Keywords

  One of the main goals of every website is to rank well on the major keywords users are searching for. That is why so many sites utilize the skills of experienced SEO companies like Carmel SEO to ensure their site has high search rankings. Now, this may leave many webmasters curious as to how …

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Mar 12

The Three Types of Chiropractic SEO

When people search for ‘Chiropractor’ in your area, whether or not your page rises to the top of the google search hinges on whether your not you are participating in online SEO. In today’s day and age, it is mandatory that you are exercising online SEO as your main source of marketing. Having a web …

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Mar 09

Digital Marketing Predictions to Keep Eye On in 2016

Digital marketing isn’t characterized by hard and fast rules. Hence, one needs to keep volatility of this industry into consideration in order to be successful in it. Although a lot of things in digital marketing change on weekly basis, some things stay for a longer while. Focusing those prospects can pave way to digital marketing …

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Mar 03

Why Second-Tier Links are Important in SEO?

It’s always good to get traffic on a website from multiple paths. The need for secondary traffic sources is felt when you get suspicious about search engine’s behavior regarding your site; i.e. your site might get demoted in SERPs. Or your site is not doing well in SERPs at all. In this scenario, you may …

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Mar 01

Major Google Changes to Redefine Your SEO Strategy

Google releases average 600 updates every year. Most of the updates are minor but some updates make bigger differences. As many of the SEOs might have noticed, 2015 was the year of updates as Google made some major changes in its algorithm; and there are more to come in 2016. Hence, this situation demands SEO …

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Feb 19

How to Turn Sluggish SEO Campaign into Hot Lead Generating Strategy

Although, SEO is not a fast process of marketing a business but marketers sometimes get under immense pressure for delivering the results faster. You cannot argue with your clients but you can show them something from which they would know that you have a recipe for their marketing success. It may also make the SEO …

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Feb 17

Five Link-Building Techniques You Cannot Afford to Miss

Many of the SEOs think that link building methods have been overused. If you are also the one complaining about link building being an outdated SEO method, you may get surprised to learn that there are still a lot of link building techniques which have not been applied extensively. Those techniques are either the neglected …

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Jan 29

What is it meant to be a Core Algorithm’s Part? by Google

When anything is integrated into the core of larger system, it means that the thing is now sustainable and it is very rarely going to require new upgrades and tweaks. Let’s see it in the Google’s Panda way. Google recently announced that it has made Panda a part of Google’s main algorithm. With this announcement, …

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Jan 19

Big Suggestions for eCommerce Marketers

Justin Butlion is the content and SMM at Yotpro, and he analyzed data around 18,000 medium ecommerce sites, and he noticed that about 30% of the organic search traffic was coming from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Right now, there is a debate regarding how relevant SEO must be for online businesses, but …

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Jan 01

When is Penguin 4.0 Coming?

Now, recently Google announced that with the holidays coming, the penguins won’t march until next year. Many have wondered if it meant that there was a chance that penguin 4.0 is coming. It isn’t too far away, and although there hasn’t’ been an official update for over a year, there is a chance that it …

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Dec 25

Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Year 2015 has been the year of upheavals for SEO practitioners and ecommerce people because the Search Giant, Google, has made some substantial modifications which have changed the ranking criteria for online businesses in SERPs. For elaboration, it is worth mentioning a brief summary of events and trends in SEO this year. Google has been …

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Dec 24

Expert Roundup Posts – Will They Be Effective In Future SEO?

Roundup post is an article or blog which is created by gathering information by combining different expert opinions. To create a roundup post, writer contacts different experts in a specific discipline through email and asks the same question from all about that discipline. When those experts email back, the writer gathers all opinions and their …

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Dec 20

Overview Of Different SEO Approaches

SEO can be classified into different types, depending upon the approach. A little elaboration about each type would be worth discussing in this short note. The first one to mention is the local SEO. Local SEO is concerned with digital marketing of a business with geographical existence. If you want to promote your business in …

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Dec 15

Upper Hand of Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO – Why is that?

SEO is a well-known term for ecommerce tycoons because it is more like a tool that can help you to take your online business to new heights. The basic goal of SEO is to drive internet traffic towards your money site and as a result, you expect orders from potential customers. It sounds sweet when …

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