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Overview Of Different SEO Approaches

SEO can be classified into different types, depending upon the approach. A little elaboration about each type would be worth discussing in this short note. The first one to mention is the local SEO. Local SEO is concerned with digital marketing of a business with geographical existence. If you want to promote your business in …

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Upper Hand of Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO – Why is that?

SEO is a well-known term for ecommerce tycoons because it is more like a tool that can help you to take your online business to new heights. The basic goal of SEO is to drive internet traffic towards your money site and as a result, you expect orders from potential customers. It sounds sweet when …

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Site Migration and Redesign – How to Keep SEO and UX Intact

SEO and UX Intact

Launching a business website can be an excitement but most of the people still do not get a clear picture on how the viewers and search engines will treat the new website. The worst case occurs when you face the challenge of keeping your website’s reputation unharmed after remodeling, rebranding or migrating it. Because the …

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SEO Basics – What Businessmen Need to Know


SEO has now become the major marketing factor for most of the businesses. This is probably the reason that online marketing personnel usually seem to interact with CEOs because it is the CEO who has to lead the business. This is also the fact that CEOs generally do not understand even the basic concept of …

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