Five Link-Building Techniques You Cannot Afford to Miss

Many of the SEOs think that link building methods have been overused. If you are also the one complaining about link building being an outdated SEO method, you may get surprised to learn that there are still a lot of link building techniques which have not been applied extensively.

Those techniques are either the neglected ones or they haven’t been in the knowledge of most of the SEOs.


Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that those techniques are capable of making huge difference.

    1. Authentic search engine optimization consultants usually warn against the usage of any tools that might bring an artificial automation in the SEO process. However, there are some tools that work as path tellers. These are the tools you can use for good. One of such tools is the IFTTT, or If This Then That, which automates the process of link target discovery. Apart from helping in social media and email marketing task, this tool also automates the link building process. However, this tool doesn’t literally build the links but it helps in finding out the potential link building targets.


  1. Webmasters are the gurus you would want to get in touch with in order to learn new things about SEO. However, it’s also a fact that webmasters are the ever-hesitating people when comes to helping SEOs. Nevertheless, you can help them in certain aspects to win their trust and, of course, a working relationship. Here’s how you can help them.
  • Notify them about the broken links on their sites and give them suggestions to correct those wrongs.
  • There is nothing better than the compatibility of old content with the recent updates. That content would give your website huge exposure as search engine considers that type of contents trustworthy. If you are able to help a webmaster in making his old content usable again, you are certainly producing an opportunity of getting valuable help for your SEO process.
    1. Who wouldn’t want the backlink from Apple community? You can get this traffic by uploading the sound track in iTunes. By uploading the sound track in iTunes, you get a chance to place your link which every downloader of your sound track would see. Hence, it can be the source of very organic traffic which can contribute substantially for the improvement of your website’s authority.


    1. Finding an online Press Release company and paying them a handsome amount of money every month for publishing a few pages of yours is certainly an outdated and money wasting practice. Instead, you can find journalists from Facebook. You can ask those journalists to write informative notes which you would post with their reference.


  1. There is mighty chance for your content to be quoted anywhere in the web, if you are a blogger. All you need is little research to find these quotes. Contact the site’s owners and ask them to mention your brands name and link that to your website.

These techniques might seem a bit unconventional but these can make the difference beyond expectations.

What is it meant to be a Core Algorithm’s Part? by Google

When anything is integrated into the core of larger system, it means that the thing is now sustainable and it is very rarely going to require new upgrades and tweaks.


Let’s see it in the Google’s Panda way. Google recently announced that it has made Panda a part of Google’s main algorithm. With this announcement, the SEOs and webmasters seemed pretty much confused and they had been questioning since then; i.e. what it is meant to be the part of main or core algorithm. However, all these doubts and confusions are now cleared away with an explanation by Google. It says that the algorithm is not going to require any major updates in the future. This is the reason that it has been added in the Core Algorithm of Google.

In a long video, which features Google’s Andrey Lipattsev answering the questions, there is a long and informative discussion about Panda’s integration into Core Algorithm and the reason for difficulty in defining any Google’s Update.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, Panda’s integration into Google main algorithm isn’t associated with purpose of changing its behavior. It is rather about the Panda’s ability which makes it reliable enough so that it could be considered for inclusion in Google’s Core Algorithm. It is now more like the PageRank whose criteria isn’t being changed because it isn’t needed. Hence, Panda seems to be working fine as for now, and the only way that it will require any change is that the core algorithm’s context needs a change; which doesn’t seem very likely in foreseeable future.

Gary Illyes has also shared an explanation in this concern. According to Illyes, the cars didn’t have their starters in the early era. It made the driver to walk to the engine and use some mechanical techniques in order to make the engine to start. Now the starters are integrated with all of the engines. Therefore, it isn’t the engine’s working way that has been changed; it’s the integration of necessary tools which made it convenient to operate a car. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Panda’s integration into Google.

Illyes further said that webmasters and SEO professionals  do not need to worry about how this ‘update’ is going to work, because there isn’t any typical update. As a matter of fact, it is highly unlikely for Panda to be updated in the way it has been updated for the last few years.

Big Suggestions for eCommerce Marketers

Justin Butlion is the content and SMM at Yotpro, and he analyzed data around 18,000 medium ecommerce sites, and he noticed that about 30% of the organic search traffic was coming from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Right now, there is a debate regarding how relevant SEO must be for online businesses, but about 30% is important, especially when you look into any focus area for the small business over.


You do need to take into consideration the conversion rates, and the order values, and then you get an understanding of the value of the SEO for these sites. There are some things that you can do to help with conversion rates, and they’re listed here.

The first is to start being selective with the products that you brand. Though you might think the product that you have which is very unique might sound cool, the problem is that if you look at the search rankings, you’re the only one looking at it. You should have your products stand out not through a catchy name that is obscure, but instead use generic terms to help with product referencing.


Then there is to make good content consistently. For many brands, they say that if you put down interviews and have news coverage of current trends, you’ll get the content people will love. If you’re trying to improve your company, create content that the users will love and they will value. Instead of just relying on product pages, instead make sure you have stories that your customers will want to read, and a reason got come back to your company.


If you’re trying to sell different products on three different pages, you should instead consolidate them. The reason or this is simple because google won’t put your pages against one another, and you don’t have to worry about google taking you down for duplicate market. For many, more isn’t always better, but instead quality over quantity.


You should also start looking for a mobile experience. Many consumers are now increasing the use of their smartphones for answers. More people are using their devices now than ev3r before, and it gives you a much bigger chance to get to the consumers, so it’s best to build a website that is now mobile friendly as well as good for those off mobile.


Finally, start to get the traffic that you want through product reviews and through public relations. There are many bloggers out there that will grab your product and give you a great review. This is one of the best ways to get backlinks to your product, and you will be able to get the reviews that you want. This is a great way to build your repute, because the bigger the blogger the more influence it will have, so your ecommerce site will get better reviews than ever before.

These are some of the major ways to change up your site this year. You’ll be able to direct and get more traffic than ever before, and it works wonders.

Local Traffic “Diversion”: Is it Intentional or a Fluke?

About half of mobile searches are local searches.  They are important for customers and it actually shows the amount of ad spending that is used.  It’s also an area that’s important for any company involved, because this caters to the local business.  However, recently there has been a change in this, instead of showing the place you want, they instead show the ad results. These ad results end up clogging the actual places that you’re looking for, and as a result, it becomes a problem for anyone to find anything due to the prevalence of ads taking up their space.

For example, if someone was looking for an office and said an ad for a pizza place, that would be the problem here.  After this happened, Google came out and said that it was some sort of “bug” in the system, such as there was a fluke problem, and they were trying to get it fixed.  Yelp, however says that they see the true intent.  Some of these companies are using this to push their ads forward.  Yelp says that is one of the ways that Google sees local-intent searches that show Yelp or TripAdvisor as one of the results.


Google uses these searches to push through third-party ads, and there are many SEO companies, that also have this pushed through.  This in turn causes people to become frustrated with the use of these services, because they’re supposed to be used for traffic, route, and other updates, but instead there are ads being thrown at people and it causes a problem with the way search results go.  Think about it, do you really want to have fifty ads show up when just searching for one place?  That’s not the case, and because of this any local businesses that you’re searching for end up getting shadowed by various third-party companies instead of shown as the direct result.  This frustrates many people, and it’s recently become a problem.  Some have looked into this situation, and they are going straight to Google for the answer to this question and why it is happening.

These claims are at the bottom of most of the antitrust action that is happening in Europe.  According to this, they’re saying that these issues were caused by a “code push” that Google is trying to remedy.  However, the information is a bit scarce right now, and there will need to be more information provided to see what is really happening.  Yelp can see the deception created by Google, but Google is saying it’s only a temporary issue that they’re working to fix.  For the most part, the only thing that is true is that many are looking into the matter for the real answer to this issue, rather than just a PR answer from both sides of the coin.  Really, what you believe is based on how you view Google and what the true motivations of them are.

Three PPC Tactics That are Important in 2016

When trends come up, it’s important to know of them, and for paid searching, it’s no different. This year, we saw new methods being used, and AdWords even releasing a whole new list of features that are important to see. However, there are three areas that must be considered in 2016.

Three PPC Tactics

The first is the ad messaging strategy. This is something that used to be just 95 characters on a PPC and then the client would choose ne and that’s it. However, it’s changed immensely, with new AdWords being released and new ways to make ads be different with new extensions. Soon, it was less about the characters, but instead making a strategy, giving a message with the features used. There are a few to choose from, along with the different snippets of this.’

Three PPC Tactics

There are now new ways to make and highlight different aspects of a business, including the benefits and different features of a company. Nowadays, you can talk about the different types of elements highlighted in important ways, and instead of having to worry about the limited space to get the message across, it’s important to talk about the different features, which is very important today.

Three PPC Tactics

The next difference is video ads, which aren’t new, but in 2015, it is the age of this. There are new video ads being released every day, and having them in the search results make a whole world of difference, and you can put them right on YouTube. You used to focus only on the google search network option, but now it’s become not only that but ads plus remarketing and display ads. On top of that these days, you will also have video ads as well. with google now having True View in the AdWords interface, it will start to catch on, and it’s a strategy that can be used with video campaigns in the future.

The final element is remarketing lists for search ads. You can now take the search network one step further by putting in remarketing lists. Even though this isn’t something new, being around now for about three years, the advertisers that use it are getting the benefits from it. This will allow you to modify, search ads, keywords, and past site visitors for products and services like yours. You can see how the visitor data goes and how they behave, and also looking at the returning customers and how they are converting as well, allowing you to see if you need to increase or decrease the bid.

Along with this however, is the fact that you can now have more venues to pay search for, and it will allow you to get a better return for each scenario. By testing this, you’ll be able to figure out which are the best for you, and you can then choose how to conduct your search tactics.

These are the top three tactics in 2016, and of course, you should take all of these in mind, because it can change your ability to produce PPC ads forever.

When is Penguin 4.0 Coming?

Now, recently Google announced that with the holidays coming, the penguins won’t march until next year. Many have wondered if it meant that there wgoogle-penguin-4-wonestyas a chance that penguin 4.0 is coming. It isn’t too far away, and although there hasn’t’ been an official update for over a year, there is a chance that it might be coming soon. There have been hints that it will make the life of a webmaster easier, and most people will enjoy it.

Now with this, the new algorithm could make it easier for most people, which is about half. But what about the other half? There is a chance that it could leave many either unaffected, or not as happy as they should be. There is a chance that people could lose their algorithm and become bankrupt, which is why it’s held off to this point.

Now, before penguin came about, bad links were simply just replaced so that the rankings were fixed. After you had penguin, the bad links started to be audited, and it can even be removed or disavowed as spam links, which isn’t good for many people. Even then, penguin was usually required before any recover, and the real changer was the fact that it took a long period of time as well.

With the new algorithm, many say that it will change the link value as well, making a premium for any semantically related links, and it will have a topical relevance instead of the page rank. Many links that are related will be more valuable than before. Google has started to get rid of many of the spammy links, and there is even a google disavow tool, and trough that many good links are disavowed every single day, but of course many are spam and they are very easily identified.


Now semantic search can also play a role as well, and it will start to want a relationship between everything, instead of a ton of data, meta tags, or anchor texts. The impact of this could be in many ways, such as using RankBrain to many of the disavow files, and in theory it can create a link genome to allow itself to find spammy links and create a negative value for it. However, it can also measure the topical relevance as well, and it also can have a bonus value in a sense that will allow for the devaluation of non-relevant links. If that does happen, it will shake up many of the SERPs.

Finally, there is the death of PBNs, which means that there has been a spike in these. Many have used their own private blogs to increase their rank, and while many use it for client work, it can roll out, and many innocent clients will be affected. Now you should also start to get rid of a lot of many of the links that have common different texts attached to it, and you should get rid of these links before it’s too late.


Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Year 2015 has been the year of upheavals for SEO practitioners and ecommerce people because the Search Giant, Google, has made some substantial modifications which have changed the ranking criteria for online businesses in SERPs.

For elaboration, it is worth mentioning a brief summary of events and trends in SEO this year.

Google has been talking more than ever

Google, through its algorithmic changes, has been dictating terms more than previous years. According to Rohan Ayyar from E2M, Google’s way of expressing its plans, to make algorithm changes, in this much openly manner in media is a clear indication of paradigm shifting in SEO industry. It has been evident by rolling out of the prototype algorithms which are not reasonably affecting the ranking procedures on immediate basis but these algorithms are definitely suggesting people to make some major changes in their online business portals.


Induction of AI into Search Engine

Google’s ranking procedure will now be benefitted by machine learning because implementation of Search engine’s artificial intelligence, RankBrain, has been in effect. In fact, RankBrain has now become third most essential contributor in creating SERP against a search query. This implementation is being appreciated by webmasters because it will enforce the rule of quality in search engine results creation more efficiently.

MobileGeddon, the potential game changer in SEO

Although the MobileGeddon was termed as non-event before its rolling out, it came up as a potential game changer in the SEO industry. Another reason the people have been underestimating this event is that there wasn’t much hype created before and after its release. May be it is due to the fact that MobileGeddon will show its true effect as soon as there will be a rule of mobile web, which seems to be a matter of very short time.

Search quality guidelines by Google

While Google may have a plenty of upcoming changes which are to be rolled out on their respective times, one can have a brief insight, into what Google is up to in the near future, through Google’s 160-page search quality guidelines (use the link:

These guidelines are a great way for the SEO practitioners to understand what Google standardizes as bad quality content.

Events and Trends Related to SEO in the Year 2015

Application indexing

It’s almost a couple of years now since Google started showing app-only content in search results. Last month saw another change in Google’s approach towards the promotion of applications as it has started showing app-first data which prompts a user to watch app special recommendations in SERPs.

Implementation of Knowledge Graphs in SERPs

While this implementation helps the user to get results on query’s attribute of covering a specific genre or time frame, it is being seen as something with negative effects from the perspective of quality in SERP creation. The reason which has been explained many times in this concern is that people have to go through a lot of struggle in order to get their content in front of the user. While Google, with the help of Knowledge graphs, pulls data out of the websites, reducing the chances of website being clicked and opened.

These events and trends tell us a lot about upcoming transitions which can change the course of SEO and internet marketing.

Expert Roundup Posts – Will They Be Effective In Future SEO?

Roundup post is an article or blog which is created by gathering information by combining different expert opinions. To create a roundup post, writer contacts different experts in a specific discipline through email and asks the same question from all about that discipline. When those experts email back, the writer gathers all opinions and their references and makes a note which is known as roundup post.

From the perspective of quality and authenticity, a roundup post is not only allowed but search engines usually give preference to these kinds of informative notes. However, the question here is that; will the roundup posting end up being an overused SEO methodology in the near future? Here are some pros and cons that will surely elaborate the usefulness of roundup posts.

Expert Roundup Posts

Pros of Roundup Posting

One obvious advantage of roundup posting is that the article is written with collaborative efforts. You get your content written by the experts in a field and the experts get backlinks to their websites. It’s surely a win-win.

Ease in creation is another upside of roundup posting. All you need to do is to write an email with an offer, of expert to be included as a roundup contributor, followed by the question. Upon getting several responses from different experts, all you will need is to put the answers together. No wonder you may get highly valuable content from the experts.

Cons of Roundup Posting

Roundup posting is the trending method of composing an article and there hasn’t been much discussion about the disadvantages of these posts. However, a few careful deductions are worth mentioning.

Roundup posts can sometimes cause confusion for the readers. This is because of the fact that different expert opinions may not match with each other. Since the expert opinions are based on logical proofs and assumptions, any conflict between different opinions can cause reader to find it difficult in getting the final answer to the query.

Another problem with round up posts is that flow is usually not the attribute of those articles. The quality of information in these articles is usually consistent. Moreover, most of the experts usually have same opinion based on same reasons over a certain query. Putting all those opinions in the post will cause the reader to get bored while reading it.

The next issue in roundup posts is concerned with its future when Google will most likely make changes in its Panda. Although the next Panda update might give preference to roundup posts but it will not be on the permanent basis for sure. In the end, there is nothing better than a nicely written informative guide which the Google has always been giving preference to and is, undoubtedly, likely to do so in the future.

Overview Of Different SEO Approaches

SEO can be classified into different types, depending upon the approach. A little elaboration about each type would be worth discussing in this short note.

    1. The first one to mention is the local SEO. Local SEO is concerned with digital marketing of a business with geographical existence. If you want to promote your business in a specific area, local SEO strategy is the recommended tool you can use to kick start your marketing campaign. Local SEO mainly involves keyword optimization that would give preference to a local area-based marketing; for instance, best plumber services Vacaville. Moreover, creating local profiles, directory listings and participating in different community events are also included in local SEO.
    2. Another type of SEO is barnacle SEO. This type of SEO can be related to the working of marine creatures which get attached to bigger and stable objects floating on the water and get their food particles that float on the water surface. Barnacle SEO works the same way. Any low ranking website can get its link included in certain high ranking websites. The benefit of this approach is that when people visit high ranking website, they will be able to see the link of low ranking website. No wonder they will visit that link too if they would be interested in the services which that website offers. Example of barnacle SEO includes putting the website’s link in ‘’.


  1. If you want to globalize your business, national SEO is the marketing strategy that will suit your needs. National SEO is opposite to local SEO as it doesn’t emphasize on promoting a business in a specific area but it rather promises the provision of services globally or in a wide area. One good example of a business that follows national SEO strategy is Amazon. The basic working of national SEO is concerned with feeding the search engines a consistent supply of information. This way, the websites eventually occupies top ranking in search engine and anyone in the world can view that information.
  2. One of the most important types of SEO is technical SEO. This SEO is also known as on page search engine optimization because it involves modification of the website in order to make it search engine friendly. Hence, technical SEO is something which cannot be ignored in any case. The main elements which are focused in technical SEO are tags, description, website structure, avoidance of error links like 404 or 302 etc., mobile friendliness, page load time and several on-page attributes.

These are the very basic SEO types which every SEO practitioner should be aware of. You can get further in-depth knowledge about any type upon the time of implementation.

Upper Hand of Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO – Why is that?

SEO is a well-known term for ecommerce tycoons because it is more like a tool that can help you to take your online business to new heights. The basic goal of SEO is to drive internet traffic towards your money site and as a result, you expect orders from potential customers. It sounds sweet when hearing or reading but SEO may become the test of your patience. For instance, achievement of SEO’s hard goal, i.e. increased internet traffic, still doesn’t ensure that your will have more sales.

This is where most of the people start blaming ROI. After that, you may wonder what the best alternate could be. Luckily, we have got Amazon in online world. Amazon has emerged as an ecommerce search engine and this is the very reason that the term ‘Amazon SEO’ has now been widely famous among successful online businessmen around the world. Below are few reasons of Amazon SEO for being more result oriented in Ecommerce.

  • SEO is tricky. It promotes the quality of content which also includes prohibition to use extra persuasive statements for marketing purposes. Hence, you can expect people to read your high quality content but you cannot expect them to place order from the very next page on your website. Amazon, on the other hand, works otherwise. It encourages you to describe your product from all the perspectives that can convince viewers to place order. Amazon will rank your product on the basis of sales rather than quality of content.
  • With the fact that online shopping is on rise, people trust online retailers more as compared to search engines because online retailers provide fulfillment. This is where Amazon is even more trustable. Their strict rules to avoid any compromise on quality and guaranteed product safety are the factors which make shopping on Amazon a much safer option.
  • Development of Amazon’s mobile version has brought a whole new level in ecommerce. Ordering for desired products has become easy for the people who are on the go.

With specialized ecommerce platform like Amazon, you can boost your business in a better way as compared to SEO. Nonetheless, you can merge Google SEO and Amazon SEO to double your chances of success.

Site Migration and Redesign – How to Keep SEO and UX Intact

Launching a business website can be an excitement but most of the people still do not get a clear picture on how the viewers and search engines will treat the new website. The worst case occurs when you face the challenge of keeping your website’s reputation unharmed after remodeling, rebranding or migrating it. Because the business owners usually commit some mistakes during the site’s restructuring in a way that its SEO and user experience are affected, it would be worth mentioning some guidelines that can help in avoiding any possible pitfall.

  • Being realistic in restructuring the website is the only way to get desired results. For that, you will need to collect valid evidences such as consistent downfall in the website’s ranks due to bad structure, lack of features in CMS or testing results suggesting that further improvement can lead to better ROI.
  • Beware of your strengths and weaknesses. Restructuring your website demands you to be realistic in choosing your targets. If you are rebranding or remodeling your website just with the hope of competing with a well-established brand on the web, you might need to stop and think about it for the moment.
  • For the fruitful rebranding of website, you mainly need to work on the basis of information at hand. This information-driven approach will help you to point out the areas where the work needs to be done. It will also help you to avoid any unnecessary tempering of already working features.
  • SEO and UX Intact

  • UX is concerned with keeping the users engaged and SEO mainly involves the strategies to keep the website in search engines spotlight. Sometimes, working more SEO can put bad effect on the UX and vice versa. Such websites need proper balance between SEO and UX in order to perform well.
  • To get the best outcome, it is necessary to develop a collaborative environment between different departments working on different sections of the website. This way, the site design, structure, SEO and content will have necessary balance among each other.
  • The new content strategy while restructuring the website needs to be evaluated thoroughly. Again, it comes to the UX and SEO which get affected badly when the content is added or removed without caring about consequences.
  • Benchmark testing is very important for the future success of website. Ideal way to benchmark testing is to involve real viewers who will, after seeing the website from all aspects, will tell you about the level of their engagement. To ensure better SEO, you will just need to keep the website’s structure according to search engine’s recommendations.

Keeping the above basic points into consideration, you can develop good balance between the UX and SEO of your website.

SEO Basics – What Businessmen Need to Know

SEO has now become the major marketing factor for most of the businesses. This is probably the reason that online marketing personnel usually seem to interact with CEOs because it is the CEO who has to lead the business. This is also the fact that CEOs generally do not understand even the basic concept of SEO and they perceive it to be a goose that lays golden egg every day. Although, the CEOs do not need to know how the Meta keywords or titles contribute in online marketing but there are some aspects of SEO which the business leaders need to know in order to get better understanding of how SEO can be useful for business.


  1. SEO is not a Quick Fix

The universal truth about any kind of marketing is that it takes considerable amount of time. Same is the case with SEO.

It can be exasperating; working tirelessly for the months to get well ranked in SERPs, and at the time, watching the business world blooming consistently on immediate profits.

An understandable reason for the SEO being assumed as something to give huge break in short time is that it deals with the electronic data which can be seen at the other side of the world as soon as it is uploaded. Well, it is wrong. Although your data becomes online immediately, SEO moves at an unnoticeable pace.

  1. SEO is Expensive

The business leaders usually seem more concerned about money rather than time. Being CEO, a person commonly thinks about overall expenditures and revenues. Hence, he sees SEO in the same light. Due to the fact that major task of SEO doesn’t require premium signups, the business owners may think of it as free. Nonetheless, SEO personnel do charge money. Simply put, it is all but a strategy that has to be implemented to make SEO a powerful marketing factor.

  1. Nothing is permanent in SEO

One permanent feature of SEO is that it changes drastically. Hence, if you are a search engine optimizer, you will need to keep yourself updated with variations in techniques. Moreover, the SERPs of most of the keywords do not remain the same for long time, sometimes not even for couple of days. It is due to the consistent changes made search engine algorithms. According to an analysis, Google makes small changes in its algorithms almost every day. Moreover, the annual update, which is usually the big one, turns the tables quite severely.

SEO Basics

  1. Core of SEO – Content Marketing

SEO is not about discovering tricks and techniques to get the website on top. It is about promoting your content. So the thing that really matters here is the quality of content. Being CEO of a company, you will need to make investments in good quality content generation rather than finding shortcuts to get the quick traffic. In fact, the shortcuts can be hazardous because they can make your entire marketing campaign suspicious.

  1. SEO is not a Business Trigger

Although, SEO has the right potential to bring necessary exposure to the business, it cannot be viewed as something from which you can start your business campaign. SEO is a department just like other departments of the company. SEO rather can be a good tool to gather information and feedback about the business and can help in further improvement.



The whole point of discussion here is that SEO is neither a revenue generator nor something that eats money. It is rather a strategy which can either be good or bad to make influence on business marketing. The main purpose of SEO is to bring your business into the spotlight. After that, it is the scope of your product and quality of service that will make real impact in the end.